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We are a mental health practice dedicated to providing effective, evidence-based treatments to adolescents, adults and families struggling with mental health needs in California. We are experienced at providing effective treatment to people who are struggling with panic attacks, depression, anxiety, overachievement fatigue and ADHD.

You don’t have to struggle. Together we can learn a different way. You can learn the skills you need. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, a life transition, or perfectionism you can learn a different pattern. Master a new way of being!

Counseling for anxiety, stress and perfectionism

Checking one thing off after the other can become exhausting. When you can’t stop the thoughts and are unable to unwind outside of work, this often times can lead to burnout. Sleep can be difficult, and life can can become unbearable. Through therapy you can gain coping skills and learn healthy ways to manage your anxiety.

Counseling for trauma

Facing traumatic memories and finding words to describe them can be terrifying. Gain control of your independence and do not be stopped by your trauma. Therapy can help you process your trauma in a healthy way in order to put the past in the past. You can move delicately through the trauma to get on the path towards healing.

Counseling for depression

When you are struggling to function, not feeling connected to others, or unable to find joy in what you use to like, life can become very grey. Not having motivation is extremely discouraging. Therapy can help you recover your feelings of happiness, motivation and connection.  Therapy can pull out tools that you didn’t know you had and allow you to continue to face the storm.

Counseling for phobias or panic attacks

Maybe you have a fear of throwing up, planes or even a fear of needles, impacting the functioning of your life. Maybe you’ve felt the pounding in your chest, thought you were having a heart attack or suffocating. Panic attacks are overwhelming, scary and exhausting. They can also rob you of having a life you want. Take control of them and learn ways to alleviate your anxiety so that you don’t reach a level of panic.

Counseling for social anxiety

Self-criticism and self-judgment can be the biggest bullies in your life. They can strip you of your confidence and self-esteem to be able to meet new people or connect with friends. Learn social skills in a safe place to be able to face your negative self-talk and learn self-compassion. 

Counseling for ADHD

Navigating social skills and executive functioning skills can be tricky. You are not alone. You can learn how to stay organized and motivated through researched-based tools.

It is never too late

No two individuals are the same. Therefore, treatments are tailored to your specific strengths and needs.  After an initial assessment, we will work together to design a program that best meets your goals. This may include individual therapy, group therapy, executive function tutoring, family therapy, etc. 

Call for a free 15 minute phone consultation, then if you feel it is the right fit book an initial assessment.

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